Limacello Collins

Limoncello Collins

Limacello Collins

Refreshing and light. This is an easy Summer cocktail version of an old favourite for the summer festivities. Dressed well this feisty little number will look fabulous on your table. Serve in a large glass jug, to be shared, or in a glamorous glass worthy of the Belle Epoque.
The secret of a good cocktail is to ensure the ingredients are well mixed and of good quality. Choose the best dry gin you can afford and a good quality high bubble soda water.  Argento Limone Limacello uses the highest quality neutral spirit and fresh local limes to achieve our pure flavour and smoothness. You can also use our Limoncello for a sweeter more classic Collins version.


  • 50ml Argento Limone Limacello
  • 50ml good quality Dry Gin
  • Fresh mint leaves
  • Fresh sliced lime and lemon
  • Ice
  • Soda Water (approx 200ml)



Fill the glass halfway with crushed or small cubes of ice add a couple of sliced lemons and limes.
Measure out the ArgentoLimone Limacello and pour over the ice. If you do not have a traditional jigger, a medicine measuring cup will do, after all this drink will make you feel good! 
Repeat this step with the Dry Gin. Add the soda water and stir gently with a long handled metal teaspoon, or a bartenders spoon. (A good trick to minimise the loss of bubbles is to pour the soda water gently down the spoon handle.) 


Garnish with fresh mint. If you are into experimenting, try infusing some fresh sprigs of thyme instead of the mint, just crush it slightly in your hand before popping it in, or add some fresh berries to sweeten it up.

This old fashioned cocktail is all glamour and style. It loves dressing up in a fabulous glass, if its hot day try chilling the glasses first- enjoy!